House Calls/Mobile Vet? For Your Pets? Absolutely!

In the office or in your home:

  •     Consultations
  •     Diagnosis
  •     Treatment
  •     Euthanasia (if necessary) or alternative options
  •     Private Cremation Available Upon Request
  •     Serving all of Los Angeles County

A Client Wrote:

“Any lover of animals and owner of pets can tell you how stressful an emergency can be on both the pet and the owner. And when an animal is heavy or having trouble getting around on its own, it can be impossible for the owner to get the help that the animal needs. Dr. Jordan has been in practice for over 30 years. His dedication to animals is so strong that he continues to do emergency and non-emergency house calls. Sometimes we need a vet to tell us that everything’s going to be all right and to treat our sick animal right there in the home.

Sometimes, sadly, it is time to say “Goodbye” to our beloved pet. I have had the need for both types of service and the familiar and friendly environment of the home is far better for both my animals and for my nerves. Please keep his number in your book under “Animal Emergency”.